1X Browser

What is 1x Browser

Everything you wished from a safe browser is right in front of you, embodied in the Private Browser app by 1x. From the creators of critically acclaimed VPNs, Private Browser offers you an array of features that benefit the security of your internet activities, safeguards your online anonymity, and offers bulletproof local protection.

Fast Private Browser

Yes, yes — it is possible to get both the anonymity and fast connection. Well, if done right. Exactly how we do it. Scattered all over the world, ultra-fast Private Browser VPN servers and algorithms make sure that you don’t experience any lags or sudden disconnections.

Safe Private Browser

Hackers just love public WiFi, or any other unsecured networks. And why wouldn’t they, when an average Joe has no second thoughts disclosing his financial information, sensitive data, and other valuable info in the clear while having a coffee down at the nearest Starbucks. Don’t be the Joe (any actual Joes out there, no offense). With AES-256 traffic encryption, your banking, messaging, and any other activities will be secure in Private Browser.

Open Private Browser

You probably know that nagging feeling, don’t you? A lucrative offer is put up by a company only for you to find it restricted in your area. Or, a piece of your favorite content comes under the geo-blocking curtains. Well, forget that. With our private internet browser you’ll be able to send your online-self on a worldwide shopping and content-engulfing tour to snag all the best geo-fenced offers you want.

What Makes Ours the Most Private Web Browser

There are more than plenty web browsers on the market. Some are fast, some support dozens of plugins, some allow vast customization options.

However, when it comes to users’ privacy, it takes more than just HTTPS connection. You want a mean to encipher all browser traffic (AES-256 protocol), establish a secure tunnel between the browser and the end-point (various VPN protocols), and an array of servers to choose from. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in our most secure Private Browser!